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SIMON dates back to the 1950´s, when the original company started manufacturing their first Corrugators and Converting Machines for the corrugated board industry. From our four global facilities in the United Kingdom (Runcorn), USA (Agawam), Germany (Viersen) and Poland (Gdansk), along with our extensive agent base, SIMON continue to provide leading corrugating machinery and service solutions.


Mr. Valentino Camolotto, Production Manager – Imballaggi Piemontesi S.R.L.
Countless were the benefits obtained in the course of the last two years of use of the new SIMON S-Press system, some of which I list below


Mr. Rick Sullivan, Operations/Engineering Manager at CSI – Corrugated Synergies International

Although the Corrugating process has a multitude of critical process points in order to manufacture a quality corrugated sheet, there are some of us that know from experience that the curing process is the most important of all. The ability to evenly distribute the pressure and BTU’s through the board in the time required for the next step of the process will determine if you will be successful or not.
The SIMON S-Press is the most cost effective and maintenance friendly system with the ability to adapt to any corrugator new or old. The technical support is top shelf and will assist you, not merely support in any project small or large. I also appreciated the industry knowledge that came with the technical support which provided unbiased oversight of the operation with a collaborative effort. The SIMON S-Press process controls are very simple and effective. The technical support assisted us with the integration of our existing system and was open to our own thought process during the installation. This was priceless! The SIMON S-Press had the answer for us when we were struggling on a new machine that ran predominately down warp at very slow rates and immediately after installing the SIMON SPress, provided us our ability to run flat sheets at any rate of speed. E, B, C, I, EB, BC and so on… The substrates also were affected positively providing us with more flexibility and run ability. The SIMON S-Press gave us the ability thereafter to run flat well bonded BC Double wall at 300 Meters a minute! This, I have never personally accomplished before and would have never been able to do on this particular machine without the S-Press. Previous to the install of the S-Press, our customers also complained of post warp and moisture in trailers but this vanished with accolades from all of our sites. I highly recommend the SIMON S-Press and will be purchasing another system very shortly on my next project!

  • Simple Unique Design

    Loading applied using single, one section, long-life air sacs.

    No pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, board width sensors or segmented air sacs.

    No damage to either fabric or open mesh type belts.

    Chosen by major Corrugator machinery manufacturers.
  • Increased Productivity

    50% speed increases achievable on certain board grades

    Improved board quality

    Increased Productivity

  • Improved Board Quality

    Zero crush/caliper loss.

    Flatter board.
  • Reduced Energy Costs

    Save 20-30% on Double Facer power consumption

    Reduced Energy Costs

  • Fast Return on Investment

    Typically less than 12 months

A reduction of electricity consumption in the order of 25%. Pulling just 200 amps when running heavy double-wall board.

A reduction in the temperature of the hotplates with a consequent reduction in steam consumption.

The ability to change the paper widths without the need to intervene with changes of the settings.

Virtually no maintenance compared with the previous high maintenance system.

Belt life virtually doubled, no wear of the belt seam and no repairs required on the sides/edges.

Improved flatness of the board and minimal adjustment of the S-Press during grade changes.

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