Since its foundation in the 1970s, Fossaluzza, a specialist in the production of equipment for paperboard processing, has made significant contributions in terms of innovation and growth in the industry.

Always looking towards the need to identify new technical methods in-line with evolving processes, sensitive to increasingly complex, global demands, and stimulated by the requests of exacting clients, Fossaluzza has progressively expanded its markets over time.

This growth has taken place alongside the numerous other companies in the sector which purchase Fossaluzza machinery, appreciating our continuous innovation, the strength of our industrial processes which behind our products’ high quality, the excellence of our technical abilities, and the level of collaboration we offer, always seeking to meet the specific demands of each client.

Fossaluzza’s equipment is entirely made in Italy by highly-trained personnel specialised in a given industrial area. Their experience ensures effective controls and inspections, total reliability and a level of service which even extends into custom-built equipment.

Fossaluzza, the added value of excellence

100% Italian production, 100% Italian soul