SRP Europe
SRP-Europe BV is a company that is dedicated to the corrugated industry. Our products have one thing in common: Efficiency Improvement.
SRP-Europe equipment is designed and built in our factory in the Netherlands and shipped to customers all over the world.

We reduce costs of operation and use of raw materials and increase output and consistency in performance.

SRP-Europe BV manufactures and services Starch Mixing Systems and Wet End/Quality Control Systems for Asia, Europe, Eastern-Europe and beyond.

With our 20+ years of experience in development, engineering, assembly, testing, service and upgrading of Starch Mixing Equipment, we have developed thorough expertise in these systems.


Glue making has proven to be a very important process in the corrugating industry.
To improve the glue making process, additives and modified starches are used which
will usually increase the cost; SRP-Europe has developed a solution that will result
in a significant cost benefit. In the corrugating industry different solutions are
needed for various operating circumstances.