Automation leader for graphic art industry and paperboard converting
Solema was born in 1982 by the need of our customers to get in touch with specialist suppliers, able to realize con-veyor systems used in the graphic industry.

During its 35 years experience in graphic arts, Solema’s creativity and knowledge have designed many different technical solutions, each one well-tailored on the process to automate. Nowadays Solema is the leader company in industrial automation that proposes, designs and realizes flexible and innovative machines in graphic art and board converting fields. Mechanics, electronics and software are mixed together to improve quality, productivity and efficiency of productive process, through tailored installations of bindery and printing lines.

All our products are studied and designed internally by our technical office, developed with the most recent CAD 3D programs. High integration allows us to use elements and components realized inside our company: the electrical devices and the software of the machines are developed by our engineers, as well as the electric power units, assembled in Solema and installed on the machines.

The internal management of design, production and assembly allows us a complete and constant control on the productive process, which give us the unique possibility to provide efficient and flexible answers in any step. The constant collaboration between the technical and the sales department guarantees solutions able to meet the industry’s three crucial needs: optimize resources, optimize spaces, optimize times.

During the design phase, Solema engineers are able to realize a new plant layout, or to modify and existing one optimizing the available spaces, creating a system tailored to the customer. In the R&D department inside our company, new products are always in development to satisfy the different automation required.
Electrical wiring and software
The electrical and software department uses components of the worldwide most known brands for the hardware and the software part. The integration with existing IT networks is entrusted through Profibus, CanBus and Ethernet PowerLink protocols for the management of large production lines.
Machine assembly
Each machine or conveying line built by Solema is completely tested before packaging and shipping to the customer. This to guarantee the state-of-art when running as well as very short installation time at customer's premise.
Components production
The most modern CNC machines allow us to control each step of the mechanical components realization designed on our own for our machines assembling.