Celmacch is an Italian business involved in the development and production of advanced technology for the corrugated board industry. It has 30 years’ experience in manufacturing flexo printing machinery, setting itself apart from competitors with its high standards of productivity, reliability and durability.
In the first phase of its business, Celmacch refurbished secondhand machinery, in particular flexo printers and automatic diecutting machines. In 1995 Celmacch introduced on the market its first flexo printer, followed by the development of all the subsequent models that have allowed Celmacch to establish itself over the years. Innovation, continuous investment in the latest technological solutions, exclusive use of first-class components, simplicity of design and robustness are the key factors of Celmacch’s success.

Company Mission

Celmacch’s vision aims at offering its customers the most advanced technology by providing intelligent and innovative solutions, high reliability and the quickest return on investment. Its strong focus on customers’ needs and the constant research for technological improvements have created a strong relationship of trust and cooperation between Celmacch and its customers, destined to last in the long term.

TimeLine Section

Development of the first flexo printer
Production of the first high graphics printer
fully direct driven
New version of Chroma Print with various technological improvements
Use of the Siemens servo motors and electronics
New Chroma CUT,
the HBL Servo Driven Rotary Die Cutter
Increase in sales and numerous installations in the major companies of the industry

Celmacch - keeping up with technology

Celmacch employs highly qualified personnel to internally manage the various phases of production. Thanks to a team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers responsible for research and design, assembly, testing and after sales service, Celmacch is able to offer a state-of-the-art product that offers the highest technological and productive standards on the market, as well as dedicated and professional attention to the customer. Celmacch makes use of the best computing technology to achieve the highest level of integration between its business areas. The SAP ERP system has been adopted for an efficient way to manage the organisation and its related business processes. The technical department uses the most advanced design software, i.e. Solid Works Enterprise PDM, which allows to easily manage and share technical data, automating the workflow and facilitating cooperation between design and production departments.